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Tech sector urged to take action to protect their ideas

The National Protective Security Authority (NPSA), part of MI5, and the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSC) have launched a new awareness campaign to encourage the UK’s emerging tech sector to protect and secure their innovations.

The campaign consists of an updated suite of Secure Innovation guidance that offers best practice advice on keeping ideas safe.

A free Quick Start Guide is available to help those without extensive security expertise take the first steps towards protecting their innovations. The advice centres around three key steps:

  • appointing a security lead;
  • identifying and documenting your key assets; and
  • assessing your business for security risks.

Beyond this Quick Start guide, the Secure Innovation website hosts more detailed advisories for businesses and investors, suggesting ways to bolster their protections against criminal and other threats. This guidance is for innovative UK companies of all sizes. Those with low levels of security are most at risk.

The guidance warns that no company is too small or too young to be a target, especially when working in emerging technologies. Potential threats include:

  • state actors looking to steal ideas;
  • competitors seeking commercial advantage; and
  • criminals looking to profit from companies with weak security.

Businesses are advised to take state and criminal threats seriously, ensuring they effectively manage the risks, including those emanating from cyberspace.

By accessing the Secure Innovation portal, businesses can get security advice that will help them:

  • understand the threats;
  • secure their environment;
  • secure their products;
  • secure their partnerships;
  • expand safely into new markets;
  • prepare for security incidents; and
  • protect their technology, reputation and future success.

See: Guidance for the emerging technology sector | NPSA

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