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Grants for domestic tree production re-open

Professional foresters, landowners, nurseries, and seed suppliers are being encouraged to come forward for the latest round of Seed Sourcing Grant and Tree Production Capital Grants, which opened on the 5 December.

The Tree Production Capital Grant supports efforts to build nursery capacity and grow trees and seed supply chains for the long-term. Funding will increase domestic production of trees and seeds, supporting investments in expansion, automation, and mechanisation of facilities and equipment. It has been designed to complement the Tree Production Innovation Fund, which provides support for research projects that enhance tree production methods in England. 


The Seed Sourcing Grant helps boost domestic tree seed production and support green jobs, helping meet the increased demand for trees and achieve our ambitious tree planting targets. Due to shortages of seed globally, it is vital that we improve not only the quantity but also the quality, diversity, and biosecurity of our seed supply.

Eligible activities for the Seed Sourcing Grant include:

  • Management of existing Seed Stands, to ensure they are productive for seed collectors;
  • Desk studies and field studies to identify and bring additional Seed Stands onto the National Register of Basic Material; 
  • Planning and planting of new Seed Stands; and
  • Planning and planting of new Seed Orchards. 

Examples of eligible projects for the Tree Production Capital Grant may include:

Intelligent transplanting systems;

Polytunnel infrastructure and equipment;

Seed processing and storage equipment; and

Biosecurity investments such as water treatment and refrigeration equipment.  

See: Grants for domestic tree production re-open – GOV.UK (

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