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Draft business guidance to boost skills and unlock the benefits of AI

Businesses across the UK are to receive new support in unlocking the full potential of AI within their workforce.

As part of the UK government’s National AI Strategy, The Alan Turing Institute is developing guidance designed to empower businesses and individuals to embrace AI. They published a draft version of the new guidance last month and held a brief public consultation inviting feedback from employers and training providers.

According to The Alan Turing Institute, this document is “the first step towards developing a full framework, which aims to support employers, employees, and training providers to identify upskilling routes and understand the competencies required to deliver value from AI.”

The guidance is a high-level reference that sets out the competences needed across five key areas and will help employers to identify upskilling needs across their workforce.

You can download a copy of the draft “AI Skills for Business Competency Framework” document here:

Given the growing use of AI in businesses across the country, this could serve as a useful tool for employers to ensure their business harnesses the potential of AI technology. By upskilling workers, businesses will also ramp up productivity and ensure their workforce can focus on the tasks that will make the biggest impact.

This first step will be followed up by further consultation with the business community to develop sector-specific case studies and resources and a full skills framework.


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