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Crackdown on retail crime anticipated

The Home Office have reported that the Prime Minister has set out tough new actions that will provide better protection for the high street and crack down on retail crime.

Assaulting a retail worker is going to be made a standalone criminal offence that could result in being sent to prison for up to six months, a fine of unlimited amount, or a ban.

Criminal Behaviour Orders could be used to bar offenders from visiting specific premises. Breaching an order might result in a maximum five-year prison sentence. Causing grievous bodily harm with intent may even result in a life sentence.

Tags will be used where if an offender is guilty of assaulting staff three times or is sentenced for shoplifting on three separate occasions. Facial recognition technology will also be used to help police enforce the laws.


The news has been warmly welcomed by businesses in the retail sector.

The Coop Group’s Paul Gerrard, Campaigns and Public Affairs Director said: “The Co-op sees every day the violence and threats our colleagues, like other retail workers, face as they serve the communities they live in. These measures will undoubtedly, when implemented, keep our shopworkers safer, protect the shops they work in and help the communities both serve.


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