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Switch to digital landlines

Since it was decided in 2017, landlines across the UK are being updated by telecom companies to new digital technology using an internet connection. The switchover should be complete by December 2025.

The old analogue system, referred to as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), has reached end of its serviceable life, and telecom companies are now finding it difficult to source the parts they need to continue maintaining it.


The new digital phone lines work using a VoIP service, and you will need to switch to a VoIP service to continue using your landline.

The digital connection should allow businesses to benefit from clearer and better-quality phone calls. Small businesses may also have the opportunity to get faster broadband services than their current analogue line allows.

There are some things to be aware of though. Alarm systems, fax machines, card payment machines, and monitoring equipment that are connected to your phone line need to be checked to ensure that they will still work with a digital phone line.

Analogue phone lines also carried a low voltage power connection which meant that a basic corded handset could be powered without being separately plugged in. This will no longer be possible with a digital phone line. This means that if your business experiences a power cut you will have no ability to make a landline call unless you have a backup power system.

You may feel that the risk is offset by the fact that you and most employees carry mobile phones, however your provider is obliged to provide a backup solution if you are dependent on your landline phone.

In most cases the migration to digital phone lines is quick and painless and will be organised by your landline provider. See:

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