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Hi there! You’ve got questions? We have answers. Just send us a message and one of our knowledgeable staff will be in contact with you soon.

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Phone: (SA) 021 300 2380
Address: Unit 39-40, Buena Vista Office Park, Cnr Durbanville & Kendall rds, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550

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SA: +27(0)21 300 2380

Personal Tax / Self-Assessment

Keeping record, getting tax advice and submitting your personal tax return does not have to be daunting!

We can help you complete your personal tax returns, easily, quickly and accurately.

Some of the things we can help you with:

  • Completion and rendition of annual and provisional tax returns
  • Preparation of statement of assets and liabilities, as required by some taxpayers
  • Structuring remuneration packages to reduce the tax base and therefore increase the amount of effective take-home pay

Our team dealing specifically with overseas landlords can help and assist you with the following:

  • Ensuring you receive rent gross of tax, so meaning no tax deducted by estate agents.
  • Assisting you with your compliance obligations by registering you with SARS for the non-resident landlord scheme.
  • Improving your cash flow by ensuring tax is not deducted by your lettings agent;
  • Preparing and submitting your personal tax return to SARS accurately and on time;
  • Establishing your tax liability while ensuring you are claiming all allowable property rental expenses
  • Advising and helping you understand the difference between capital vs rental expenses
  • Guiding and advising on your UK tax position when you buy or sell UK properties

Everyone needs tax planning, whether you’re doing it yourself or using a tax advisor

This is probably the work that we enjoy most doing for clients.

There is nothing more satisfying that help clients save R1000’s in taxes by structuring their income more tax efficiently.

We all have to pay our taxes but within the legal framework there are numerous ways of saving tax and making sure you do not pay a penny more than is absolutely necessary.

We have extensive experience in this area we continuously look out for clients on ways we can help them pay themselves more tax efficiently.

We can help with all the following:

  • Business tax
  • Personal tax
  • Capital Gains
  • VAT planning
  • Profit extraction strategies and options
  • Business Exit strategies
  • Research and development claims
  • What expenses you can and can’t deduct
  • Claiming relevant capital allowances. e.g Annual investment allowance
  • best corporate structure for your business, based on your personal circumstances.
  • Claim entrepreneur’s relief when you sell or close your business

We don’t take the approach of one solution fits all, we take the time to make sure we understand your specific business strategy to work out and determine the best structure profit extraction strategy for you

Received a SARS tax enquiry?

SARS tax enquiries and investigations can be very stressful and expensive to carry out and it is vital that you get expert advice in dealing with theses.

Anyone can be subject to a tax enquiry or investigation. With continued confusion as to what constitutes acceptable tax planning and what constitutes tax avoidance or evasion, SARS have further increased the volume of their investigations and are taking full advantage of their considerable power to collect as much tax as possible. As a tax payer, you may be targeted with an enquiry into historical VAT, PAYE, UIF corporation tax and personal tax

We can help you with the following:

  • Personal tax enquiries
  • VAT enquiries
  • Corporation tax enquiries
  • PAYE enquiries
  • UIF enquiries

We can also offer tax investigation insurance, which means should you get an enquiry,

We cannot prevent you from being investigated by the Taxman, but we can help to ensure that you get the best possible support and advice.

Between our London and Cape Town office, we can help you bridge the gap

Our office in London can look after all our South African clients with UK interest and can also assist our UK or non-resident clients with South African interest through the following:

  • Submitting personal tax returns for South Africans living abroad
  • Provide tax advice for South Africans working and living abroad
  • Provide tax advice for South Africans providing products and services from South African to companies and clients abroad
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