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Meet Kobie Human an Accountant with a strong strategy in client services, he finds immense joy in helping clients navigate the complexities of their challenges. When asked about his passion for assisting clients, Kobie explains, “I love solving the puzzle, creating order from chaos, and leaving the client in a better place than before we met. It’s the satisfaction of making a positive impact that keeps me motivated.”

Outside of the office, Kobie seeks adventure and relaxation in equal measure. He is an avid hiker, often exploring scenic trails, and enjoys target shooting with friends and family. This balance of outdoor activities helps him recharge and brings a sense of fulfilment to his life.

Carpe diem, or “seize the day,” is Kobie ‘s life motto. He believes that each day is precious, and by making the most of it, one can truly appreciate the richness of life. This philosophy extends to his work, where he applies his best attribute—critical thinking. Kobie excels in finding innovative and unique solutions to problems, all while keeping tried and tested methods in mind.

Interestingly, when posed with the hypothetical scenario of having all the time and money in the world, Kobie ‘s response is both surprising and admirable. He states, “Exactly the same as what I’m doing now.” This reflects his genuine passion for his work, where helping clients and applying critical thinking are not just professional duties but integral aspects of a fulfilling life for Kobie Human.

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