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Farmers encouraged to keep everyone safe around livestock

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have reminded farmers to stay safe around livestock, not just for themselves and their workers, but also with walkers who may use public footpaths. Their Your Farm, Your Future campaign is aimed at improving safety on farms, and there is a focus on livestock in 2024.


Statistics show that four workers were tragically killed following incidents on farms with animals in 2022/23. HSE also monitors incidents that involve cattle and walkers. Apparently, on average between one and two people each year are killed while using public rights of way, while others suffer serious injury.

There is a legal responsibility for farmers to manage their herds to reduce risks to people using footpaths and rights of way. HSE has taken action to prosecute four farmers/landowners in the last year for not taking steps to prevent walkers from being seriously injured on their land.

HSE reports that in one of these cases, a 61-year-old grandmother was killed while enjoying a family walk.

Incidents where walkers are killed or injured usually involve bulls or cows with calves. Therefore, keeping these animals separate from areas with public access, and being careful to assess the temperament of cattle are key considerations that HSE are urging farmers to consider.

More information on the Your Farm Your Future campaign can be found here:

An HSE Information Sheet on Cattle and public access in England and Wales can be found here:

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