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Accountants in Wimbledon: Fisheries & Seafood Scheme reopens for applications

The Fisheries and Seafood Scheme (FaSS) has reopened its doors for grant applications, with an added £2 million injection to bolster support for England’s seafood sector.

Administered by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) on behalf of Defra, this scheme aims to uplift the fisheries and seafood industry across various fronts. From ensuring the health and safety of fishing crews to enhancing the value and quality of seafood products, from implementing vessel energy efficiency improvements to tackling climate change, and from fostering innovations for sector longevity to promoting diversification, FaSS encompasses a broad spectrum of objectives.

Since its inception in May 2021, FaSS has bestowed over £27 million upon more than 1,300 fisheries projects in England. With the infusion of additional funding, the opportunity for further project support extends over the coming year.

Funding allocation operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the funds have been fully assigned, the scheme will cease accepting applications. All projects funded under FaSS must be finalized by the scheme’s closure on 31 March 2025.

For comprehensive details regarding FaSS, including eligibility criteria and application procedures, please visit:

For assistance in navigating FaSS and ensuring compliance, GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR WIMBLEDON ACCOUNTANTS.

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